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My son passed away suddenly 3 years ago and I was stuck in a dark place, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, with no idea how to climb out. I knew I had to if I was going to live any kind of meaningful life again, but I didn’t seem to be able to do it alone.


A friend put me in touch with JoAnn, knowing she had survived similar tragedy and possessed the knowledge and experience, along with a generous & loving soul, to steer me toward the road to recovery and hope.


JoAnn’s process is simple.  She assigned homework and we talked.  She loaned me some reading materials and recommended others. She provided several useful tools for me to help myself move forward.


JoAnn validated my feelings and I learned different ways of interpreting and accepting them. she respected my personal grieving timeline and never rushed me to make faster progress.


My healing continues.  Sometimes it’s baby steps, but it’s movement. I frequently review the lessons I learned.

I’m grateful JoAnn was put in my path.  her compassion and support have been invaluable. I now consider her a friend.


Thank You, JoAnn!

Jackie P.


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