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Grief is a tricky and personal process.  The way in which we all grieve depends on countless variables. Whether we are a man or woman, young or older, how close we were to the deceased, our upbringing, religion, and culture just to name a few.  
Symptoms of Grief


  • Physical expressions of grief often include crying and sighing, headaches, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, weakness, fatigue, feelings of heaviness, aches, pains, and other stress-related ailments.

  • Emotional expressions of grief include feelings of sadness and yearning. But feelings of worry, anxiety, frustration, anger, or guilt are also normal.

  • Social expressions of grief may include feeling detached from others, isolating yourself from social contact, and behaving in ways that are not normal for you.

  • Spiritual expressions of grief may include questioning the reason for your loss, the purpose of pain and suffering, the purpose of life, and the meaning of death. After a death, your grieving process is influenced by how you view death.

This information is provided by WebMD.  It should be noted that some symptoms may be different for children.


When to Seek Help

When the above symptoms worsen, or get in the way

of your basic everyday life, it's time.  It is well

documented that grief can cause depression,

anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as

physical illness.  Grief Coaching is not meant to

replace the need for medical doctors, and in the

case of immediate crisis or suicidal feelings, you

should always call 911.

Signs & Symptoms of Grief

Need Answers?
  • How long does grief last?

  • Will I ever stop crying?

  • What do I do about the holidays?

  • How do I find peace again?

  • How do I grieve?

  • What are the stages of grief?


 What NOT to say to a Grieving Friend:
  • “It was for the Best

  • “It takes time to heal”

  • “I know how you feel”

  • “God’s will”










What to say to a Friend who is Grieving:
  • “My heart goes out to you”

  • ” I can’t imagine how you are feeling”

  • “Don’t know what to say”

  • “What can I do to help you”










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