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The Story of Two Wolves

There are two wolves of beautiful distinction. They each have the same strength, speed and agility. The first wolf is a realist. He understands there is only so much prey, so much time in one day and only so much distance he can run. He is a hard worker, day in and day out and has settled with just getting by. He never tries to get anything more because he realizes it is unlikely to be a productive use of his time. Each night he settles down into his nest and is comforted by the knowledge that tomorrow will be exactly as he expects.

The second wolf is a dreamer. Always running after whatever he wants. It doesn’t matter how far away something is or even how impossible of a catch it seems. He leaps into the streams with no fear, and not even for one-second doubts that he will make it to the other side. He always eats the largest portion of the catch because he believes he deserves it. He works hard every day but doesn’t even know it because he would be running anyway. At night, this wolf settles down in his nest comforted by his dreams of anticipation.

Which wolf do you think could survive the longest?

It is the Wolf you Feed.

The story of the two wolves is in fact a story from Disney, Tomorrowland. It represents the choices we make every day. Which Wolf do you choose to be?

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