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Missing You on Mother's Day

Another Mother's Day and I have to celebrate it without you. It is not fair. I see all these happy people on the news celebrating with their mothers. At least they are not taking their time for granted, but it just magnifies my loss.

How to Get Through this day, when I am still grieving a loss? The most important step is to be honest with yourself! It is a sad reminder of what you have lost and it is ok to be sad. Just understand that there is a difference between taking a moment to be sad and letting it consume you. We can all fall into the pit of replaying a situation in our mind over and over again, but it won't do us any good. The story won't ever change into a happy ending. Break the record after it has played once and force yourself to do something to bring balance.

Life is like a teeter- totter, ups and downs. Just like I said to embrace the sadness, now you have to find some happiness to balance yourself. Our bodies like to be in balance. When we allow just the sad and negative feelings, our bodies create more of the same. Sending our bodies and mind in a downward plunge. If we balance ourselves with loved ones and happy moments in the now, it counteracts the negative emotions.

Just because we are smiling now it does not mean we have "moved on" from loving and missing you. I could say especially if it was your Mom, but truth is whether it was your child, sibling, best friend or either parent - love is love. And when they are gone it leaves a miserable void in our hearts.

I miss my Mom every day. I reach out to call her on the phone everyday. Her final days before her passing will always haunt me if I allow it to replay in my head. When your parent is gone there is this empty feeling of complete aloneness. It feels like because your foundation is no longer there your whole being is lost. The comfort your Moms voice and soft touch used to bring you is no longer present, you are truly alone.

Truth is, you are not alone, but you are different. With change, comes growth and eventually strength.

If you are grieving we offer a Remembrance Page. You can send us your story, any way you want to tell it, anonymous or not, photos or not. This is completely free and it is for you to start your healing process. Send it to me in email, and I will notify you when it is up. Email Me Here.

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